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As your next State Representative for our district, Belen will work on these CHANGES in our state government.

Cut in taxes:Belen will work for a tax freeze for our seniors, veterans, and disabled individuals in order to help them stay in their own homes. She will also support the continued phase-out of the car tax.

Healthcare:Belen will work hard towards a universal health care plan for all Rhode Islanders. In addition, she will advocate for health providers to cover the cost of medical tests and screenings.

Accessibility: Belen will be accessible to you. She will hold regular monthly community meetings to tell you what is happening at state house and to get your ideas and opinions.

Neighborhood Revitalization: Belen will work for legislation to address blight in our neighborhoods, and to empower our cities to take action more swiftly. She will work with the city in order to improve our roads, address absentee property owners who neglect their property. We must improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

Good Government:  Belen will work toward promoting better ethics and transparency in our government. There are too many instances of conflict and unethical behavior in our government. Belen will work for better laws regarding campaign financing and reporting of campaign expenditures.

Environment: Belen willwork on legislation to protect our environment, decrease pollution, and require the state and its utility providers to make the long needed switch to cleaner, renewable energy.

Schools: As a mother of children that attended Providence Public Schools, Belen knows firsthand the desperate need for changes in our public education system. Belen will work as an advocate for better funding for our students, and work towards fixing our deteriorating schools. If we expect our children to excel, we need to provide them with safe, not crumbling, schools to learn in. 


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July 6, 2018

Representative Daniel McKiernan never sought the Democratic Party endorsement, they tried to give it to him anyway


13 MAYO 2018

Belén Florez lanza aspiraciones a representante estatal


RI woman anxious to hear from family in storm-ravaged Puerto Rico

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